CHRIS CAKES Fundraising Program

Reduced pricing is available upon request for TRUE Fundraising Events.  We reduce pricing to help you raise money. Fundraisers are typically Pancake and Sausage events. We are pretty strict on our fundraisers and ask for your honesty to get the reduced pricing.

Typical fundraising groups charge each person between $6 and $7. Remember, you have to cover the costs of our services in order to make a profit. Charging your customers less than our costs to you is NOT A CHRIS CAKES FUNDRAISER!!!

Because of our Minimum Fees & Delivery costs, we do NOT recommend doing a fundraiser for less than 150 people. Your best success comes from groups greater than 200 people served.

There is a 2 HOUR LIMIT for the serving time at your fundraising event. This does not include the 90 minute set-up time or the 30 minute clean-up time.

We do not recommend serving through 2 different “meal times”. If you want to have a breakfast event, serve from 8am to 10am. If you want to have a lunch event, serve from 11am to 1pm. For dinner events we recommend serving from 5pm to 7pm. We do not do ALL-DAY FUNDRAISERS or CONCESSION SERVICE!

Seek out free and cheap ways to advertise your event and where the money will be going. Selling tickets in advance to friends and relatives works well. Remember ~ We only charge you for how many people actually eat, not how many tickets you sell.

Other means of advertising could include: local TV stations, articles in your local newspaper, signs at the event location set up for several days in advance.

Mention that CHRIS CAKES is doing the pancakes!!! THIS ALWAYS WORKS!

Invite “McGruff the Crime Dog” or other positive roll models or mascots to be present.

Do your pancake feed during your school’s Book Fair. Have a craft or bake sale off to the side. Have the local choir or school band put on a performance.

Invite local Policemen, Firemen, Ambulance (EMS) or National Guard to attend. Have them bring some of their specialized equipment to demonstrate and show off.

Have pancake contests (eating, best poster, most pre-sold tickets, etc).

Have a breakfast with Santa, the Easter Bunny or other character in sync with a particular holiday or season.

Do a “Pancakes for Pops”, “Pancakes for Moms” or “Pancakes for Grandparents”. Have them come on a school morning to have breakfast with you! These are really successful and popular events.

Try to get a local sport’s hero or other local celebrities to attend & promote your event.

Try to pick a “neutral” place to hold your event. Schools work well. It’s hard to attract people to come to a location they are not associated with or know little about.

Good Luck!

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