Your Next School Fundraiser

Chris Cakes Pancake Fundraiser

We are the flap-jack flippin’, experts that put the “FUN” in your FUNraiser. We show up with our specially designed grill and flip pancakes from the grill to the plates of your hungry guests. That’s right! Freshly made, directly on your plate.

We provide all-you-can-eat pancakes, sausage and Tang for a low per plate cost that allows you to charge a couple dollars more a raise money for your group. Everybody eats till they are full and we do all the work.

Ideal For:

After Prom Parties
Graduation Parties
Field Trips
Athletic Teams
Drama Department
Equipment Funds

How Does it Work

At Chris Cakes we love easy math.  Here is the deal.  We charge you $3.50 per person, you charge $7 per person (recommended/you can charge more) and then you make $3.50 per person to do with what ever you want.  That’s easy right?  We are going to make a great team.  Book your event now.

What We Provide

We provide pancakes, sausage and Tang, and all the plates, cups, napkins, utensils, butter and syrup. And there is no charge for a dose of humor and a whole lot of fun!

FUNraising has never been easier!

  1. Pick your date (Book Now)
  2. Sell Tickets (Download Customizable Ticket)
  3. Have fun and eat pancakes (No Click Required!)

“We had a GREAT pancake fund-raiser. We are still getting many compliments on you, the FUN people had, the yummy pancakes and the night as a whole.” – Happy Teacher

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